Plaxo Contact Importer Widget Alternatives

Recently, Plaxo announced that their Contact Importer would be retired as of October 31st (3 months from now). Are you using the Free Plaxo contact importer? If you are, then it’s best that you migrate to cloudsponge. Plaxo has now partnered with cloudsponge to offer existing Plaxo Contact Importer users to migrate to cloudsponge and get a free 3 month trial instead of one month.

We’ve been trying to put together a list of Free and Paid contact importers, which could be used as an inviter for folks to join. We’ve found and categorized importers both free and paid versions below. If we’ve missed any popular importers you’re currently using, feel free to comment below and we would be happy to add it to the list :)

1. Open Inviter

Openinviter™ is a popular inviter tool that supports many platforms like wordpress, joomla, gmail, yahoo and many more. Openinviter™ mentions that it currently supports more than 90+ platforms. OpenInviterTM is a free self-hosted solution that does not use a third party gateway (or API) to import contacts. It is written in PHP5 and supports almost all of the popular platforms such as Rediff, Plaxo, MSN, Yahoo!, IndiaTimes and many more. They also seem to support and have plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.


Supports Address Book Import in PHP / C# / ASP.NET for Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Plaxo address books.
Individual scripts are available via free download, however, if you want to buy bulk licensing, it can be done too. Author: Svetlozar Petrov.

3. Cloudsponge

As we’ve mentioned earlier, cloudsponge is a paid service, which helps you import from different sources. They use RESTful API’s to make contact import more smoother. From the cloudsponge blog, we got to know that existing Plaxo widget users get an additional 3 months free trial when you signup. You can actually test-drive the product before signing up too.

4. Janrain Engage

This service supports both paid and free users. For free users it can support 2500imports/registrations. Import your users’ friends lists and contacts from Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, LinkedIn, Windows Live and MySpace, and enable users to easily invite their friends to join your site. Janrain Engage enables the import of friends and contacts which you can use to offer invite friends functionality. Transform your site into an instant social community, improve user engagement and increase time spent on your site.

Have you tried any of these services yet? Post your comments below on how creatively you’ve added contact importers to your site to drive more traffic..

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